18 Journaling Prompts That Will Bring In Monthly Sales

Through the Power of Journaling for 15 to 30 minutes a day uncover your limiting beliefs around money and sales that are sabotaging your sales.

Once you uncover these limiting beliefs the next step is to flip them and reprogram your mind.

Then watch the sales pour in  month after month!

Get Grounded In Your Vision

When we're worried about whether or not we'll get the sales, our brain goes into panic mode.

We can't think clearly.  When selling we come across as desperate.

Connecting with your business vision & the vision you've for your life will restore your focus & motivation. 

You'll then be able to sell with ease...

Identify & Address Limiting Money Beliefs

Negative beliefs about money are primary reason why we struggle with getting consistent sales. 

Attract Abundance & Wealth by replacing them with positive beliefs about money. 

Journaling uncovers subconscious beliefs & unhealthy patterns we are unaware of.

End The Cycle of a Disappointing Year

You are bound to have setbacks in your business. Unless you turn around the feelings of disappointment, you're at risk of attracting one disappointing launch after the other. 

The simple act of  journaling for 15 to 30 minutes enables you to process the disappointment.

Get re-energized in the belief sales are inevitable.

What's Included in Write Your Way To Sales

  • Dare To Dream Big Journaling Prompts
  • Activate Your Sales Journaling Prompts
  • Money Making  With Confidence Journaling Prompts
  • 18 Inspiration Quotes
  • 9 Motivational Video Links That Transforms Your Day

What Would an Extra $2K Per Month Mean To You?

If you focus on how the sales are not coming in, guess what?

You'll continue seeing crickets.

Now close your eyes and visualize how you would feel seeing email after email saying you just sold your $50, $100, $200 offer. 

Notice the joy in your heart.

This joy is within reach every day.

Sandra Lindholm

This exercise is so powerful. To intuitively write down everything that comes up when you read the question really helps you get a clear vision of what actually is possible, and that you are able to do it. It brings clarity when you are overwhelmed with all the "would I?" "Should I?" or not knowing what next step to take. Great questions when it comes to bring awareness to all the limiting beliefs about money and finances ❤️ Thank you 🙏